The purpose of the Technical Sponsorship Program is to obtain sponsorship for the High Temple Workshop and help defray costs associated with operating and running the meeting. Expense examples include meeting room rental, audio and visual equipment rental (podiums, microphones, speakers, mixers, overhead screen, etc.) and program printing costs. The goal of the technical sponsorship program is to help keep the High Temple Workshop a very affordable meeting to attend and participate in while providing sponsors an opportunity to gain additional visibility at the meeting.

The sponsorship form for the 43rd High Temple Workshop is linked below. For additional information about sponsorship opportunities for the High Temple Workshop and having your organization’s name/logo displayed on the website/program, please contact the following:

  2024 High Temple Workshop – Sponsorship Form


Arxada LLC

Website: arxada.com


Website: cambium-usa.com

Composites Horizons

Website: chi-covina.com

GE Aerospace

Website: geaerospace.com

Teijin Renegade Materials Corporation

Website: www.renegadematerials.com


Website: www.textum.com

Toray Group

Website: www.toraytac.com


CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals

Website: cabb-chemicals.com

o	Syensqo

Website: syensqo.com